• Nacho Z

    Nacho Z

    Call me Nacho. Argentinian in London. I love sports, lifestyle, music, writing. I try to mix them all in texts. English and Spanish. Visit me www.nachozblog.com

  • Juwon Abiola

    Juwon Abiola


  • Ellen Shapiro

    Ellen Shapiro

  • Clarrisa L.

    Clarrisa L.

    Writer, Blogger, Marketer, Etsy Shop Owner and Happily Married Sewing Aficionado who Likes to Consider Things | Visit www.later-means-never.com

  • Elissa Tognozzi

    Elissa Tognozzi

  • Colleen Ryan

    Colleen Ryan

  • Victoria Tognozzi

    Victoria Tognozzi

  • Paul Shirley

    Paul Shirley

    I finished 5th in the 1991 Kansas State Spelling Bee. Metallurgical.

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